Step 3: Window Cleaning Mastery Course

Comprehensive Window Cleaning Mastery course. 25 years of experience compiled into Short Videos to guide you through Advanced procedures.


  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Before you start safety
  • PPE checklist
  • Risk assessment
  • Professional tool list
  • Tool instructions and maintenance
  • Soap, Soap water preparation
  • Agitation process
  • Step by Step Video Instructions for professional window cleaning
  • Advanced Techniques in detail
  • Text and Audio Versions of the course
  • AR Essential Squeegee turn Turn with a twist (J turn)
  • How to clean with a pole
  • Eco-friendly window cleaning with pure water
  • Step 4= 1 x AMA – Ask me anything (1 hour)
  • Lifetime access to all content


Discover professional window cleaning methods and become an expert with the Window Cleaning Mastery Course, now available for a one-time payment of 199€. Ensure your safety with our comprehensive safety measures, including a PPE checklist and risk assessment. You’ll have access to a professional tool list with instructions and maintenance tips for each tool. Learn about soap and soap water and the agitation process involved in professional window cleaning. Our step-by-step video instructions and advanced techniques will make you a master in no time. Plus, the course is available in both text and audio formats for your convenience. Get a free AR Essential Squeegee turn and learn the J turn technique, along with instructions on how to clean windows using a pole. As a bonus, schedule a one-on-one AMA (Ask Me Anything) consultation to ask any questions you may have.