About me

Hello and Welcome, Clear View Creators.
Justin here from “Orloff’s Window Cleaning Training” Firstly, just a reminder “I love window cleaning” 🙂 I have been a window cleaner for 25 years, and there are still a few good years left in me. But I can only clean so many windows in person on my own. I want more dirty windows and to help more people have a clear view.

So I proudly present to you the Orloffs Window Cleaning training 5 Step, 5 Window program.
Basic to Advanced techniques, practical step-by-step lessons, Augmented Reality AR Squeegee training tool so you can have the confidence to conquer any dirty window.Elevate your skills and business today.

What Drives Me

The „before“ and „after“ Transfor­mation:
There’s something deeply satisfying about witnessing the transformation that a clean window can bring.

I’ve spent most of my career self-employed because I believe in the adage, „Find a Job you love and never work a day in your life.“ My journey as a window cleaner is driven by my passion for creating change and enhancing lives through clear views.