Online Window Cleaning Training Program

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Welcome to our comprehensive window cleaning training program! Whether you are a homeowner or a professional, my program will equip you with the necessary skills to achieve professional-quality results.

Online Window Cleaning Program

The 5 Step training programm. The essentials in one place.

Orloff's 5 Step training program

Step 1 - Beginner guide to window cleaning “The Window Cleaning Manifesto” Essential cleaning instructions

Step 2 - Augmented reality “AR Squeegee training” Visuals the essential techniques

Step 3 –Professional window cleaning methods
“The Mastery Course” Detailed step-by-step video Instructions from beginners to advanced

Step 4 – Ask Me Anything 1-1 consultation “AMA” Need support on any topic from your courses or how to clean a certain window

Step 5 – Add your branding and style
“White Label” Now you can offer a professional training program

Lifetime access to workshop materials, which cover everything from tools to techniques in a thorough and fun way


Hear from our satisfied learners

The course demystified window cleaning for me. Now, I confidently keep my windows sparkling clean all year round!

Sarah W.


I now offer window cleaning to my customers, it’s a great add on to my carpentry services and a great finishing touch to go that extra mile.

Jürgen M.

Self-employed business owner

Owning a home in the mountains offers beautiful sunsets and snow covered vistas, but only if my windows are clean. Justin’s Window Cleaning Mastery Course taught me all the tricks I need to maintain clean windows and if I forget I can always replay them again.

Chris S.

Homeowner and Winemaker

I highly recommend Orloffs Window Cleaning Training. The online information was easy to understand, and the AR tools made it easy to visualize cleaning techniques. It’s a great course for beginners and experts alike. I give it 5 stars and would definitely recommend it to my friends.

Andrea S.


I got all 1, 2 and 3 courses from Justin. You can tell he really loves window cleaning. It’s like getting a Shortcut to how a professional cleans windows. I’d definitely recommend these online courses to my friends.

Marie Helene K.


Step 1 

Online Window Cleaning Training

Straightforward, Streak-Free Window Cleaning training that will save you time.
The essential techniques needed to end the streaks and lines when you window clean once and for all with this           5-minute Training.

What you’ll learn in Step 1

  • NA step-by-step guide to basic window cleaning procedures (Essentials)
  • NEssential tools and equipment
  • NUnderstanding the importance of window cleanliness
Window Cleaning Manifesto

Learn from a seasoned window cleaning expert and join the course trusted by homeowners across the board.

Soap Water Application

Soap water application
Agitating the grime and dirt

The squeegee
How to use and the essential turns

Elevate Your Living Space Today Don’t let dusty windows obscure the beauty of your surroun­dings. Embrace the power of our training to transform your home into a haven of clarity and brilliance. Enroll now and let the magic of window cleaning begin!

Discover the Transformation Awaiting You! Imagine gazing through streak-free, spotless windows that bring nature’s beauty right into your home.

Looking for the best window cleaning tools?

Look no further than our new Web-Shop. We’ve curated the best tools to make streak-free window cleaning easy. Our selection of tools is easy to use and will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Step 2

Augmented Reality AR Squeegee Training Tool

Orloffs AR Squeegee Trainer

Introducing the worlds first Squeegee training tool.
Now you can see the two primary squeegee turns with „AR“ Augmented Reality!
„View in Space“ squeegee techniques.
A fun way to help you visualise each squeegee turn.

What you’ll learn in Step 2

  • NIntroduction to Augmented Reality (AR) Squeegee Training Tool
  • NAR1 Side to Side Squeegee turn
  • NAR2 Top to Bottom Squeegee turn
AR View in your Space

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„I love window cleaning.“

So, I have been working with some very smart people to bring to you the “AR squeegee trainer”. I use these movements everyday, and I believe Mastering these fundamental moves will guarantee your window cleaning techniques to be right the first time saving you time.

Its my way of giving you a helping hand from the comfort of your own home.

Top to Bottom

Top to Bottom squeegee turn

Side to Side

Side to Side squeegee turn

Our way of taking your hand and helping you through the essential turns to get your window sparkling. Simply pick up your smartphone (or tablet), point the back camera to one of your favourite windows, a 3D Window will appear, and then the AR squeegee will start working across the 3D window, giving you the exact moves you need to clean your windows professionally.

The 3D window model

  • NCan be resized to suit your window size but pinching bigger or smaller.
  • NIt can be swivelled to all angles by using your pointer finger to move the AR 3D window model.
  • NIt can help you take full advantage of the small details needed to clean your windows professionally.

Even if you have never heard of Augmented Reality, „AR“  before, no worries, if you have a phone, you will be able to use it.

Step 3

Online Window Cleaning Training Mastery Course

Short Videos to guide you through the steps to becoming a window cleaning pro.

“Twenty-five years of experience have been condensed into a two-hour training.”

What you’ll learn in Step 3

  • NA detailed video guide to my window cleaning procedures
  • NAccess to all 3 augmented reality squeegee trainings
  • NSafety first with Personal Protective Equipment and a Risk Assessment
  • NTool intruduction and maintainance
  • NThe aggregation process
  • NSqueegee techniques in detail
  • NUsing a Pole to accessing your windows
  • NExtras module covering Glass types,Removing stains and Cleaning with pure water

Course Benefits

By the end of this course, you will have gained:

  • NProficiency in advanced window cleaning techniques
  • NUnderstanding of the tools and there nuanced features
  • NPractical safety knowledge for various cleaning scenarios
  • NStrategies to cover all windows you come across

Step 4

Unlock expert insights with my exclusive AMA sessions

Personalized Consulting on Window Cleaning Mastery

Are you eager to dive deeper into the world of professional window cleaning or have specific questions about our comprehensive Mastery Course? My Ask Me Anything is here to cater to your unique questions.

What I Offer: One-on-One Consultation: Book a Call with me Justin Orloff, the founder of Orloffs Window Cleaning for an in-depth, personalized consultation. Whether it’s a phone call or a video chat, you get direct access to a seasoned professional.

Flexible Learning: Struggling with a particular technique? Need additional advice on your window cleaning? My AMA sessions are designed to address your specific questions and challenges.

Hourly Convenience: My service is charged at a competitive hourly rate, ensuring you get value-packed guidance exactly when you need it.

Benefits of the AMA Sessions

  • NDirect Access to Expertise: Leverage Justin's 25 years of experience in the field. Gain insights that only a seasoned professional can provide.
  • NEnhanced Understanding: These sessions are designed to clarify and deepen your understanding, whether it's a complex technique from the Mastery Course or general industry knowledge.
  • NCustomized Support: Each AMA session lets you focus on what matters most. Get bespoke advice tailored to your learning curve or business goals.
  • NPractical Problem-Solving: Encounter a unique challenge in your window cleaning journey. Discuss it during your session for practical, experienced-backed solutions.
  • NBoost Confidence: Direct mentorship and guidance can significantly boost your confidence, equipping you with the knowledge to tackle any window cleaning task.

How to Book Your Session

Ready to elevate your window cleaning skills with personalized guidance? Visit our booking page, choose your preferred time slot, and get ready to transform your understanding and skills in window cleaning.

Invest in Your Mastery Today!

Don’t miss this opportunity to consult with a window cleaning maestro. Book your AMA session now and take a significant step towards mastering the art of window cleaning.

Step 5

White Label Window Cleaning Training

Expand Your Business Offerings with Our White Label Window Cleaning Training Course

Elevate Your Brand with Premier Window Cleaning Education

Why Choose Our White Label Solution?

Tailored for Your Brand: Our comprehensive window cleaning course is ready to be rebranded with your business identity. Offer top-tier training to your clients or employees under your esteemed brand name.

Language Customization: We offer the course in various languages, ensuring your audience receives the training in the language they are most comfortable with. This feature enhances comprehension and engagement, making the learning experience more effective and enjoyable.

Comprehensive and Professional Content: The course covers everything from basic techniques to advanced strategies, ensuring a complete learning experience. This is your chance to provide exceptional value to your audience without the overhead of creating a course from scratch.

Easy Integration, Maximum Impact: Seamlessly integrate our course into your service offerings. Our white-label solution fits perfectly, whether it’s for enhancing your team’s skills or adding a valuable product for your customers.

Cost-Effective: Save on resources and time involved in developing a course. We provide a ready-to-market product, reducing your investment and accelerating your ROI.

Window Cleaning Manifesto

Features of Our White Label Training Course:

Fully Customizable: Add your branding, logo, and specific content to align with your business ethos.

Up-to-Date and Relevant: Regular updates to ensure the course stays current with the latest window cleaning techniques and standards.

Multimedia Learning Materials: Engaging content formats including video, text, and audio, catering to various learning preferences.

Advanced AR Training Tool: Unique Augmented Reality training for an interactive learning experience.

Support and Maintenance: Continuous support to ensure smooth operation and integration of the course into your business framework.

Who Can Benefit?

Cleaning Companies: Enhance your service quality by training your staff with the latest techniques.

Entrepreneurs: Offer a high-demand course under your brand, expanding your product line and business reach.

Corporate Clients: Invest in your facilities team by providing them with top-notch training and ensuring impeccable maintenance standards.

Manufactures: Provide proven and trusted cleaning information so your product has a clean and clear future.

Architecture: Direct your customers to a dedicated platform where their window-cleaning queries will be addressed exclusively.

How It Works?

Consultation: Discuss your specific needs and how the course can be tailored to your brand.

Customization: Our team works with you to rebrand the course content, ensuring it aligns with your business identity.

Implementation: Integrate the course into your offerings, with our team assisting you every step of the way.

Ready to Add Value to Your Business?

Contact us today to learn more about how our White Label Window Cleaning Training Course can become a part of your success story. Elevate your offerings, enhance your brand, and deliver unmatched value to your clients or team.