Step 1
(beginner window cleaning)

The Window Cleaning Manifesto
0free for now
  • Essential Beginners Guide
    to window cleaning
  • Essential tool list
  • Essential cleaning techniques:
    Soap Water Agitation
    Essential Squeegee turns

  • How to clean your first window

Step 2
(for everyone)

AR Squeegee Training
10one time payment
  • AR Training Tool
    for essential Squeegee turns
  • Visualize the essential techniques
  • AR Essential Squeegee turns:
    Side-to-Side turn
    Top-to-Bottom turn
  • Improve your window cleaning skills!

Step 3
(go professional)

Window Cleaning Mastery Course
199one time payment
  • Detailed Video Course
    to professional window cleaning
  • Professional tool list
  • Professional cleaning techniques:
    Tool instructions & maintenance
    Soap water preparation
    Advanced Soap Water Agitaion
    Advanced Squeegee turns
    How to clean with a pole
    Eco-friendly window cleaning
    Safety checklists
  • Bring your skills to the next level!
  • Step-by-Step Video Instructions
    Lifetime access to all content
    Text & Audio version of course
  • includes Step 1 & Step 2
  • AR Advanced Squeegee turn:
    Turn with a twist (J turn)
  • includes 1 hour of Step 4 - AMA
    for now

Step 4
(for everyone)

"Ask Me Anything"
150per hour
  • 1-to-1 consultation
    about your window cleaning
  • End-of-course audit
  • Any unanswered question about:
    How to clean a certain window?
    Risk assessment?
    How to plan your cleaning?
    Start your own window cleaning business?
  • Support on any window cleaning topic!

Step 5

White Label
Let's talk!Get the price right.
  • Make this YOUR training program!
  • I can be your personal cleaning advisor to your customers
  • My courses in your branding:
    Add your branding and style
    Choose your language
    Tools supplied
  • I will represent your business and cleaning enquiries
  • Set up fee
    + quarterly subscription