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Learn to professionally clean your windows in just 2 hours with this online training course, built for homeowners with my 25 years of experience.


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Expert knowledge for homeowners!

Tired of streaky windows despite your best efforts? Struggling with the right techniques and tools for a professional finish? This training addresses these common DIY frustrations by providing expert knowledge and practical skills in window cleaning.

window cleaning tools

Easy to follow steps

The video training explains a step-by-step cleaning process, from the beginning to the end. Learn advanced techniques to achieve resultes like a professional window cleaner.

AR window cleaning simulation

Offering immersive augmented reality simulations, for the different window cleaning scenarios. It allows you to improve your techniques in a safe and virtual environment without the need for physical tools.

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justin orloff cleaning

Struggling to achieve streak-free looking windows?

Ask Me Anything about window cleaning, support anytime through the course or after completion, happy to help.

Hi I’m Justin Orloff    the trainer  

I created this course out of my passion for window cleaning. Its purpose is to provide high-quality training for homeowners who are looking to improve their skills. My goal is to help individuals develop their knowledge, and transform a routine task into an art form.

Imran’s 5 Star review : 

Justin is not just a highly competent window cleaner – he has taught me how I can get into the grove of doing it myself. I began with his online sessions – just to get my head around the gear you need and then started to practise one window at a time. I really have grown a lot of respect for the skill of window cleaning and what it means. I do not have big windows but the technique you learn means you can clean most windows. Have a go at his online stuff – especially if you one of those people who love using their hands and likes to get physical and seeing a job well done. 👍🏽


Why this Window Cleaning Training?

I love window cleaning as my job and want to help you understand that it's easy to do and that it brightens up your day when you're finished

Is any prior experience required?

No, the course is designed for all levels, from beginners to those with some experience

Why not the other training providers?

Because with me, you have an experienced and personal coach available if questions arise

Why not just go to YouTube?

- There is too much content to choose from

- It ends up being very time-consuming

- It is unorganised, and the techniques are most of the time advanced

- This information is likely to end in failure

How do you guarantee results?

There are no guarantees, but if you follow my training and have realistic expectations, you can master this quickly. Each squeegee turn builds your muscle memory. Reducing your concentration on the techniques and focusing more on speed comes with practice

Can I use my own cleaning tools?

Yes, the course provides guidance on various tools, including those you might already own

Is there a limit to how long the course is open to me?

No, you will have lifetime access to the course content

Start Your Journey to Professional Window Cleaning Mastery Today!