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Discover the Secret to Streak-Free Windows with Our Beginner’s Guide to Window Cleaning


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Training Without the Complex Jargon

Embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of our Window Cleaning Manifesto, your ultimate resource for DIY window cleaning. Designed for both novices and those tired of conventional, unsatisfactory methods, this guide is your ticket to achieving streak-free windows without the complex jargon.

Are You Frustrated?

Are you frustrated with persistent streaks and smudges that refuse to disappear? Traditional window cleaning often results in less-than-ideal outcomes, leaving you with windows that don’t meet your expectations. The continuous battle against streaks can make window cleaning feel like an endless, unsatisfying chore.

For The DIY Window Cleaner

The Window Cleaning Manifesto demystifies the art of achieving sparkling windows. It arms you with the essential skills and knowledge for effective DIY window cleaning – from selecting the right tools to mastering the ultimate wiping techniques. This guide is your comprehensive guide to transforming window cleaning from a daunting task into a satisfying and successful endeavor.

5 Minute Training

The essential Window Cleaning Techniques needed to end the streaks and lines when you window clean once and for all with this 5-minute Training.

What you’ll learn in Step 1

Understanding the importance of window cleanliness

A step-by-step guide to basic window cleaning procedures (Essentials)

Essential tools and equipment

Sarah’s Streak-Free Success

“I always struggled with streaks on my windows. The Window Cleaning Manifesto taught me the secrets to streak-free window cleaning. Now, my windows are the clearest they’ve ever been, and I achieved it all by myself!”

Mike’s Professional Insight

“As a seasoned professional in window cleaning, Mike found new value in our guide. “Despite years in the business, the DIY window cleaning techniques in the Manifesto showed me a better way. It’s a must-read for anyone serious about mastering how to clean windows effectively.”

Anna’s Quick & Easy Routine

“Balancing work and family, Anna needed a straightforward solution. “The Window Cleaning Manifesto was a game-changer for my busy lifestyle. It made DIY window cleaning so easy and efficient. The guide’s step-by-step approach to how to clean windows is perfect for anyone short on time.”

Orloff's 5 Step training program

You can’t blend in if you were born to shine.

Let’s get started „Clear View Creator”.

What makes The Window Cleaning Manifesto different from other window cleaning guides?

Unlike other guides, our Manifesto is specifically designed for beginners and those frustrated with traditional methods. It focuses on simple, effective techniques for achieving streak-free windows without overwhelming jargon.

Is the guide suitable for someone who has never cleaned windows before?

Absolutely! The guide is tailored for beginners, providing step-by-step instructions and clear explanations to make DIY window cleaning easy and effective.

Do I need to buy special equipment to follow your window cleaning methods?

No, our guide emphasizes using basic, easily accessible tools. We provide a list of essential equipment, most of which you likely already have at home.

How long does it take to see results using your methods?

You can see results immediately after applying the techniques from our guide. Our methods are designed to provide quick and effective outcomes.

Can I use the techniques in the guide for both interior and exterior window cleaning?

Absolutely! Our guide covers techniques suitable for both interior and exterior windows, ensuring a comprehensive approach to window cleaning.

How do I access the guide? Is it available in print or digital format?

The Window Cleaning Manifesto is available as a free online course on our website. We currently do not offer a print version.

What support do you offer if I have questions or need additional help?

We offer customer support via AMA on our website. Feel free to contact us with any questions or for further assistance with your window cleaning journey.

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Justin Orloff

What you’ll learn in Step 2

„AR“ Augmented Reality Squeegee Training

Introducing the world’s first Squeegee training tool. Now you can see the two primary squeegee turns with „AR“ Augmented Reality! „View in Space“ squeegee techniques.

A fun way to help you visualise each squeegee turn.

AR View in your Space

Introduction to Augmented Reality (AR) Squeegee Training Tool

AR1 Side to Side Squeegee turn

AR2 Top to Bottom Squeegee turn

Step 2 costs €10 (includes Step 1)

„It’s not just a Window. It’s your View.“