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Discover Common Mistakes When Using a Pole with Your Squeegee & How to Avoid Them

by | Jan 15, 2024 | Window Cleaning

As you embark on your window cleaning journey, one essential skill to master is using a squeegee with an extension pole. While a pole significantly increases your reach and capability, it can also introduce some unique challenges and common mistakes. These errors can result in streaky windows and reduced efficiency, defeating the purpose of investing time and effort into cleaning in the first place.

With the help of Orloffs Window Cleaning Training program, including Basic to Advanced techniques and Augmented Reality (AR) Squeegee training tool, you can seamlessly overcome these common pitfalls and significantly improve your window cleaning skills. Let’s dive into the typical mistakes made when using a pole with your squeegee to ensure streak-free, meticulously clean windows every time.

1. Incorrect Pole Selection

The first mistake often made when using a pole with your squeegee is choosing the wrong pole type or length for the task at hand. Poles come in various sizes, materials, and styles, each with its unique characteristics and suitability for specific situations:

– Material: Poles can be made from aluminum, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. Aluminum poles are lightweight and affordable but may not be as sturdy or durable as other options. Fiberglass offers better durability, while carbon fiber poles are the lightest and strongest, but more expensive.

– Length: Using a pole that is too short or long can make cleaning inefficient and cumbersome. Select a pole length that enables you to comfortably reach the highest point of the window without overextending or compromising your posture and balance.

– Pole Type: There are telescopic poles and sectional poles. Telescopic poles adjust effortlessly, whereas sectional poles provide more rigidity but are bulkier and inflexible. Choose the most suitable type based on the specific cleaning tasks you encounter most often.

2. Poor Control and Pressure Distribution

Controlling your squeegee and maintaining even pressure while using a pole can be challenging, especially for beginners. Poor control and uneven pressure distribution can lead to visible streaks, smears, and incomplete cleaning:

– Pressure: To achieve optimal results, apply consistent pressure along the entire length of the squeegee blade while making contact with the window surface. Wavering pressure or focusing solely on one area of the blade can result in uneven cleaning and streaks. Practice maintaining constant pressure as you glide the squeegee along the window.

– Control: Ensure your wrists and arms maintain a strong, steady posture while working with the squeegee and pole. Overly flexible wrists or extended arm positions can make it challenging to control the squeegee, resulting in suboptimal cleaning results.

3. Inadequate Angling and Blade Positioning

When using a pole with your squeegee, it’s crucial to maintain the correct angle and blade position relative to the window surface. Inadequate angling and misaligned blade positioning can result in streaks, water trails, and missed spots:

– Squeegee Angle: Aim for an angle of approximately 30 to 35 degrees between the squeegee blade and the glass surface to promote smooth, even cleaning, and prevent water from escaping beneath the blade.

– Blade positioning: Ensure the squeegee blade is parallel to the window surface, maintaining consistent contact with the glass from one end to the other. Correct blade positioning prevents uneven cleaning, streaks, and scratches on the window surface.

4. Improper Cleaning Technique

Utilizing an improper cleaning technique while using a pole and squeegee can result in inefficiency and unsatisfactory results. A most common mistake is the straight-pull method when cleaning windows with a pole:

– Straight-Pull Technique: For hard-to-reach windows the straight-pull technique can be employed. Draw the squeegee blade downward in a series of vertical strokes, wiping the blade clean with a cloth after each stroke to prevent smearing the dirty water back onto the window.

Adhering to the correct cleaning techniques is essential for achieving streak-free, well-cleaned windows.

5. Lack of Maintenance and Preparation

Skipping essential maintenance and preparation steps before cleaning can lead to various issues when using a pole and squeegee:

– Inspecting the Squeegee Blade: A worn or damaged squeegee blade can result in streaking and poor cleaning performance. Regularly check for visible nicks, tears, or irregularities and replace the blade as needed.

– Preparing the Window: Thoroughly wet and scrub the window surface before using the squeegee, as dried debris and dirt can cause streaks and damage the glass or squeegee blade. Use a window cleaning scrubber or a sponge and soapy water to clean the glass before wiping it down with the squeegee.

By avoiding these common mistakes and following the guidance provided by Orloffs Window Cleaning Training Program, you’ll develop a strong foundation for using a pole with your squeegee effectively and efficiently.

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Being aware of the common mistakes when using a pole with your squeegee allows you to tackle them head-on and enhance your overall window cleaning abilities. By focusing on pole selection, control, pressure distribution, angling, blade positioning, technique, and maintenance, you can ensure a more efficient and professional approach to your window cleaning tasks.
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